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Title: Ruby player late started strategie
Post by: kregar on August 04, 2012, 01:04:15 AM
hi guys,
i new to this one. But the game mechanic isnt realy new to me.  So i just like to give u guys my thoughts about this game and how to power lvl.   This just works if u got access to a big stock of rubys. Not just ten or twenty, a lot of.

So stepp by stepp.
 ever get the Dragon, it gives u 5 more  adventures each day.
get your drinks each day, dont waste rubys at this point, there is no way to get more than ten. So u cant get up to 9 and drink another liquer to get 14. Dosnt work. But at least get your ten.

Ever take a look after lvl up if u could get a new babe. It not just make you stronger u get adventure later too.

Do each day your tavern quest, take the exp. This should be your last activity each day. Cause if your on a higher lvl u get more out of it.

Just do Mountains adventures, most exp pay out.

And the admins tel us in the afq to wait in "dungoens" cause we get better items later? Screew u for now. Maybe above 90 this would be a good idea, but right now we allmost got 1 lvl exp. We change the gear multiple times a weak. So hit it as fast as u can, u take him down to redlifebar, take a ruy or two and gamble. U got lvl up quik, and get more exp in future adventures, and in fights.

Down to this point u could get your self. right?

But now it comes  take a look at your oppenents not throug fight, go to the ranking. Watch the oppenents one or two lvls above you. Take the weakest and beat the hell out of him. This is the point when the real ruby stuff is coming into play. Dont wait one hour. Pay one and hit again, pay another and hit one more. U got hughe exp. The oppenent dosnt give u gold? Take a look if u find another one u could beat. Farm them till he got nothing left.

Dont spent to much money into skills for now, just take newer gear, it brings way higher skills for now. Just buy enough   that you could keep beating others. There is no need to be the hardest oppenent for others at your lvl range.   If there is no better gear in store, take a looke on other slots, is there one real bad one. Gamble  a bit in the store till u find one that improves u enough.

So whats now? There are no more oppenents i could beat, u ruined me? Did i? No sure u became a "punching bag". Cause if u do it now. U just would spent 2-3 day when u reached top 50.  U just got 20-30 hours of work. U just did what? 50-100 adventures.  They did multiple times than u did. But u get way more payment, for working u get way more exp and gold in the adventures, u got every where more than u get, when u dont play massiv pvp.  U think others could take advantage out of u the same way?
Maye for a hour, then u strike back log in get your work money skill a bit, change one slot and strike back. Till u out of range.  And u not just get away of the bad ass, u take over another 3-4 players the same time. 

And dont care about the battles u lose to others, thex get some exp, but aslong as u take sure to spent all of your gold in skills, amory and your guild, its all fine for you. Maybe u get a bunch of exp and some golde by an upset win.

Any thoughts on this strategy?
Title: Re: Ruby player late started strategie
Post by: Crane on August 04, 2012, 06:41:04 AM
Your strategy certainly works, but is it fun? Also, i trink you have to spend a big amount of real money to buy all the necessary rubies. You could probably just give a couple 100 dollars to the developers and ask them to put y :Dou to level 100 or ausgehst the maximum is;)
Plus: when you are in First place and the only guy in your level, your strategy wont work any longer, so you would have to find at least one more person willing to spend that much real money so the two of you can push each other.
Personally, i will stick to the traditional way of playing. I havent spent any money on the game and i wont Do it in the future.
Title: Re: Ruby player late started strategie
Post by: kregar on August 04, 2012, 12:47:37 PM
This Walkthroug or Guide want bring u to the real top.   Iam 22 now, without rage i can beat no one on my lvl, so iam done for now. But at least i just got 100 adentures, all other guys arround me got multiple times of that. And if some one who just started playin like me, attack me, i kick the hell out of him.
So to me it is real fun. 

Oh and this game right here? It is not expensive u got many rubys for 30 bugs.
Title: Re: Ruby player late started strategie
Post by: kregar on August 06, 2012, 02:34:03 AM
U Could see, it is working. Allready rank 7 within 5 day and 6 nights
Title: Re: Ruby player late started strategie
Post by: Crane on August 06, 2012, 07:32:38 AM
Oh, I never doubted its effectiveness :)
Title: Re: Ruby player late started strategie
Post by: Crane on August 06, 2012, 03:54:27 PM
Kregar, I don't believe that you just spent 30 bucks on the game yet. At the moment you have 539 PVP wins, and if I give you a generous win rate of 75% that would mean that would mean that you had roughly 675 fights.
Lets say that for at least 600 of those fights you invested a ruby according to your strategy, that's already more than the 500 rubies you get for 30$.

Also you raged a couple of times and I assume that you also used the "More" button at the blacksmith's and shaman's. You also bought items. So all in all I would say that you already spent more than 700 rubies, which would mean that you already spent more than 60$ on the game.

This is totally fine btw. and I have no problem with it, I just want to point out again that your strategy will only work if you are willing to invest a lot of real money.

Edit: I forgot about rubies spent for mounts, drinks and babes. So, 700 rubies is actually quite conservative.
Title: Re: Ruby player late started strategie
Post by: kregar on August 06, 2012, 10:16:23 PM
Crane ur right, the first post was 2 days ago, i dont have that much that time. Right now and today, i spent 60$ on this game, so thats 1000 Rubys for real money. I may found 10 Rubys in Adentures and get rouns about 40 in villian fights. I got 41 left, so i like to say i spended round about 1010 for the now.

i got myself 1 dragon 30 rubys
12 drinks each 3 rubys
each babe so far, so thats round about 10 rubys.
another 12 i spent into hideout, the rest was for gamblin in the stores and villian fights and pvp fights.

I dont lie when i told u guys that i just got 500 rubys 2 days ago.


But anyway i dont see the point to keep playin that massiv till some one else reached in the exp range i could beat easy.... till then i dont buy new rubys