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MMR guilds / Cimmerian Slaver's Mead Hall
« on: November 18, 2013, 01:17:20 PM »
Hey, Cimmerians... This is a good place to go to talk to each other, give each other tips, and ask each other questions.  Good to meet you all.

Slay mightily, and have fun!  We are a relaxed guild, all about just having fun with this game.  Enjoy yourselves! 

Lately we've had a couple of members think it's cool to attack our fellow guild members.  I don't think this is cool or funny, and if you are in the Cimmerian Slaver's guild and another Cimmerian Slaver guild member attacks you, I want you to do a few things so I can become aware of it. 

1.  Take a screencap of the message page of any and all attacks against you by our guild members.  If you need a screencap program, try this one:

2. Send me a PM here at this forum with attached  screencap pictures showing they attacked you clearly in the message page.  Make it so it's readable. 

3. Tell me in the chat bar on the guild page to check my PM's here on this forum, so I know you did and can check it.

I will let one attack against a fellow guild member slide.  I think attacking fellow guild members is a crappy thing to do, but I will. 

I will remove anyone and everyone from the guild if there is proof of a second attack against a fellow guild member; Even if it's not the same guild member that was attacked in the first attack.  No questions asked; Trial, Member or Officer... You will be looking for a new active guild to join or you can pay to build up your own guild by yourself and whoever you can find that will help you.  Good luck with that.

Suggestions & ideas / Scroll bar on the guild page?
« on: November 12, 2013, 02:52:29 AM »
Can we get a scroll bar on the guild page, near the 'Applications/Invitations' and 'Members' text boxes? 

I'm at 10 guild members, and the bottom member name is right on top of the bottom of the member box.  Is there going to be, or can we get, a scroll bar so we don't lose the ability to see guild members names there? 

My main concern is being able to see each member so I can promote them as they level up, and not 'losing' the ability to do that for them because their name doesn't fit inside the viewable area of the member box.  Thanks for reading this question.

MMR questions & answers / Update the guild message?
« on: November 09, 2013, 11:14:57 PM »
Can this be done?  I'm asking about the text in the parchment page, in the guild tab, between the guild's symbol and the picture of the current guild home.  Is there a way to update or change what is written there?

Edit:  Yes, it can be done I've found.  The 'edit guild' button at the bottom left of the page.  It seems the text of my guild invitations was hiding that button! 

Praise & criticism / Praise: Hideout/Babe system
« on: October 20, 2013, 01:22:49 PM »
Just to be fair, to go the opposite road of my criticism post, this game has alot of great features.  I'm really having fun with the babes (Haha!) and they are amazingly useful.  Can't wait for that level 20 babe!  The artwork for them is wonderful, too.  Also, the hideout system in this game is really cool.  It's so fun to be able to finally upgrade your hideout and watch the picture change into something more cool.  Also, of course, the higher level hideouts offer some really great benefits to the player.  Well done on these systems!

Praise & criticism / Criticism: Villain guards extremely ridiculous
« on: October 20, 2013, 01:19:59 PM »
No, really.  This is a really fun game and all, but, the guard creatures in the 'Fight the Villain' mode critical for WAY too much, WAY too often.  The damage numbers are so ridiculous as to be really unfair.  It's almost not even worth it to do them until you are higher level than they are.  Raging does not help at all, either.  I think this is my only gripe with the game so far; This part is really not that fun at all because of the seemingly near impossible chance to win against them.  Seriously, as a 19th level barbarian with decent stats/gear, why should a level 17 Elemental hit me for over a thousand points of damage?  Ridiculous.

Not fair at all.  Hopefully this gets nerfed in a future patch/update.

My two copper pieces.

MMR guilds / Cimmerian Slavers Recruiting
« on: October 20, 2013, 12:07:44 PM »
Hello everyone, new guild up for recruitment if you'd like to join up. 

We are growing, and getting expansions that add some worth-while bonuses to members.  We are updating the membership promotion policy.  New members will come in at 'Trial' level, and will remain there until they earn 5 levels while in the guild (or 2 levels in guild if the new member came into our guild at a level of 40 or more; this is due to higher levels taking longer to gain).  Once that has happened, that member will earn 'Member' status.  Officers will be chosen by myself and my Administrator, Sulor, and awarded that rank as we deem fit to active guild members.  Officer rank will always remain at our discretion, even once it is earned.  It will be given and kept only by those players who do not abuse it.  Note: Donating to the guild does not make you more or less eligible for Officer rank in this guild.   

We don't allow attacking other guild members.  Offenders will be removed.  We've already had to remove two members for this. 

No donations required, because I prefer members get their hideout upgraded to the maximum possible first, but if anyone wants to donate that is of course fine.  Rubies are more helpful than gold if someone does choose to donate.  Just set yourself up first before donating to the guild.

Interested Barbarians should see this post for a breakdown of what few rules we have.  It's also a place to just chat or ask/give advice:

Fortification Level 8, Castle
Max. Members: 30
Health Bonus: 8%

Armory Level 10 MAXIMUM
Damage Bonus: 10%
Gold Protection: 20%

Treasury Level 10 MAXIMUM
Gold Bonus: 20%
Better Treasure: 10%

Arena Level 5
Experience Bonus: 10%
Fight Cooldown: -15%

The next expansion we work on is up in the air.  Members, please let me know via the chat bar in the Guild tab what you would like to see next in the expansions.     

Come join up if you like!

MMR characters / New-ish Barbarian in the fold
« on: October 20, 2013, 11:58:19 AM »
Hey, fellow barbarians!  Caragar greeting you all with a mighty hail.  Just having fun with this game, and saying hello.

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