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Bug reports / Itemquest Buggy with lvl 101
« on: July 29, 2013, 11:37:59 PM »
Hi everyone,
when i start the daily item quest from the mage in the inn
it shows that you will get an item (small chance to legendary) and no fail

but when the quest is finished, i only get rubys
yesterday 1 today 2
but no items :(

best wishes

MMR questions & answers / Babe´s
« on: July 20, 2013, 05:02:05 PM »
With lvl 95 you get the "Lustfull Love Godess"-Babe
and so far it looks like thats the last for now?
just hit lvl 100, no new babe :(

Strategies & tactics / Babes and extra Adventures
« on: June 21, 2013, 12:45:14 AM »
Hi Folks,
looks like the lvl 95 Babe "Lustful Love Goddess" is the first Babe that gives you extra Adventures.
+2 to be exact ^^

Best wishes

Game support / peasants income
« on: February 10, 2013, 10:45:56 PM »
hi folks,
i currently got 9/10 peasants. according to the text, i get:
current gold per hour: 315 (7560 per day)
if i want to upgrade them, i get the exam gold stats in the review.

so, which stat is true? or is the 10th peasant not integrated now?
or do you need a certain lvl to use all 10 of them?

best wishes

Suggestions & ideas / Vendor
« on: February 05, 2013, 06:17:11 PM »
My dear fellow babarians,

as i stated lately in one of my posts, how about renewing the Vendors?
The idea behind this is, to make it more comfortable for us, as we  go on adventures, or simply look for better gear ^^

Here is what i have in mind:

The Shaman sells only Potions.
A (new) Jeweleer sells rings an amuletts.
The Blacksmith sells weapons, chest, helmet
A (new) Tanner sells bracers, belt, boots

What do you guys think about it?

best wishes

Game support / different prices for the same item
« on: January 01, 2013, 10:28:13 PM »
i spend some rubies to see if i get lucky with some new neck.
and upon that i see 2 flasks of life:
one for 13.023
one for 12.183

how come there is nearly 1.000 gold difference between them?

is it a bug? or a feature O.o

best wishes

MMR guilds / Der KnüppelClub (english)
« on: December 31, 2012, 04:46:19 PM »
Hello fellow babarians,

since the new guild features where introduced, we build up and have now enough room for new people :)

We currently offer:

Level 10 (max)
Max. Members: 50
Health Bonus: 10%

Level 10 (max)
Damage Bonus: 10%
Gold Protection: 20%

Level 10 (max)
Gold Bonus: 20%
Better Treasure: 10%

Level 3
Experience Bonus: 6%
Fight Cooldown: -9%

What you need to join:
- Have fun in the game ^^
- There is more than enough gold in the guild, so donating is not necessery!

Should some "active guild features" like guild wars, group adventures etc. be implemented, we will check if our members are activ taking part in them.
until then, just enjoy your stay :P

best wishes

Bug reports / Message System
« on: December 31, 2012, 03:21:02 PM »
just realized, since the date bug was fixed, my messages arent updating.
after i finished an adventure, the message button blinks,
but when i click on it the last message is 3 hours ago.

the adventures count towards the limit, and i also get the gold.
just not appearing in the messages.

nope, for the 3rd quest i didnt get any gold and did not get the ruby it showed
but the adventure count towards the limit

Suggestions & ideas / Guild Cap Notofications
« on: December 17, 2012, 05:00:33 AM »
good morning,

the attachment shows how our treasury lvl looks right now.
since we have more than enough gold, and just missing some rubies, i donated a bunch and clicked the "upgrade" button...
"error: maximum level reached"

wouldnt it be great, if that was known BEFORE i donate rubies to expand that feature...?
gold is at the same cap btw
Level 9 = maximum (at least for gold and treasury)

with some luck, the long announced new guild page will go online so we can spend the rubies for some usefull stuff ^^

Game support / New Items (Blacksmith/Shaman)
« on: November 06, 2012, 02:43:39 PM »
i noticed, if i spend a ruby to renew the item shop from the Blacksmith/Shaman,
there is no free change at midnight.

i hope it is a bug?!

best wishes

Suggestions & ideas / Suggestions
« on: September 13, 2012, 05:24:49 PM »
im currently to lazy to translate everything to english, sorry for that...

hier ein paar vorschläge:

1. Nachrichtensystem
ich habe keine möglichkeit gefunden kontakt mit einem anderen spieler aufzunehmen...

passen würde zu MMR entweder ein Kurier oder evtl ein Rabe der schriftliche botschaften übermittelt

2. Ranking
- ein Knopf "eigener Platz anzeigen"
- spielernamen suchen
- Gildenrangliste
- PvP rangliste

3. PvP
- für kämpfe sollte es zusätzlich "ehre/ruhm/etc" geben

4. Gildenkämpfe
- PvP kämpfe zwischen gilden. ein kampf dauert zb 3 tage.
wer in den 3 tagen die meisten spieler einer anderen gilde besiegt hat, gewinnt
wer in den 3 tagen mehr ehre erlangt hat
der krieg für gilde A und B ist für 20uhr angesetzt.
jeder der sich gemeldet hat kommt zum kampf
der vom lvl her kleinste spieler von A tritt gegen selbigen aus B an
der überlebende geht in die nächste runde (mit dem verbleibenden leben)
usw bis eine gilde keine mitglieder mehr in den ring schicken kann

- PvE gildenkämpfe
der chef einer gilde starten einen schlachtzug. die gildenmitglieder müssen sich innerhalb von 24 std dafür anmelden
um daran teilzunehmen.
ähnlich den aktuellen "villains".
man muss 5 handlanger besiegen und dann den boss selbst
die gildenmitglieder kämpfen nacheinander
einen grossen gegner mit viel hp, der von der gilde besiegt werden muss.
belohnung ist gold/exp für alle beteiligten. mit ein bisschen glück sogar ein item oder rubine ;)

5. Events
- ein riesiger gegner, der von allen spielern angegriffen werden kann.
wird er besiegt erhält jeder angreifer gold/exp
evtl sogar mit ranking - zb top ten angreifer bekommen immer ein item dazu, der spieler mit den meisten angriffen bekommt ein item/rubine etc

6. "Tagebuch"
hier kann man seine statistik nachlesen
ein buch im ledereinband oder halb zerfleddert würde hier sicher mehr reinpassen als einfach nur unser gelbes statistikkästchen

ein rückblick auf das was man bisher geleistet hat:
die bilder der minions und villains die man bisher besiegt hat
eure verflossene liebe(n) aKa babes :P
der hideout in seinen bisherigen ausbaustufen
die gildenfestung

ich meine, jemand hat sich wirklich mühe gegeben das alles zu zeichnen, und wir haben keinen zugriff mehr drauf
sobald wir weitergekommen sind.

das ist alles natürlich nicht wirklich ausgearbeitet, aber zumindestens ein grober überblick.
sollte von entwicklerseite interesse an einem der features bestehen, ne kurze rückmeldung übers forum
und ich bin mir sicher das hier einige dann zusammenhelfen um feinheiten und balancing probleme zu finden ;)


MMR questions & answers / Wrong description?
« on: August 26, 2012, 08:11:45 PM »
The Guild feature "Experience" says:
"Increase experience received from work and adventures by X%"

but works doesnt grant you exp?!
or do only i dont get exp for working? (then it would be a bug^^ )

thanks in advance

best wishes

Suggestions & ideas / Blacksmith
« on: August 24, 2012, 07:16:24 AM »
first things first:
im sorry for my weak english! :(

i am a working part of the society xD and see browsergames as a hobby.
so, yes i am buying rubys :P

i gained a new level and spent 30 rubys looking for new equipment...
so i tried thinking about how the system works.
the following is what i came up with xD

So, the Blacksmith offers us:
White Items, Blue Items, Purple Items (weak), Purple Items (strong)  (i never really paid attention if the blue items come in "weak/strong" too or not...)
i add a picture, so you can see what i mean with weak/strong...

we got
6 different kind of items (weapon,armor,helmet, bracers, belt, boots)
(at least) 4 versions of these (white,blue,purpleW,purpleS)
and we got 4 different stats (charm,toughness,might,agi)

white has no stats, blue got one, purple got 2

so we have (at least):
white 6 different items
blue 24 different items (6 items with 4 different stats)
purpleW 36 different items (6 items with 6 possible stat combinations: m/t, m/a, m/c, t/a, t/c, a/c)
purpleS 36 different items

so we got 102 items,
the blacksmith offers his stuff in a box with 6 slots

so even if you would get 6 new items with every ruby, you would still need 17 to go through all of them...

is it really nessecary that the blacksmith also offers items 2 level lower?
giving you 306 items in total!
only 36 of those 306 items are worthy buying them...

pheew, that took some time xD

my suggestion/idea is:
"get rid of the low level items" ^^

or lets say, 1 level down and 1 level up instead of 2 level down

alternativ you could change the system a bit, like:
1 ruby - reroll all (like it is now)
3 rubys - just blue items
5 rubys - just purple items
... but that would be unfair for those who dont buy rubys ... therefore ... BAD idea :(

have a nice day! :-)

Suggestions & ideas / Picture Gallery
« on: August 20, 2012, 07:31:34 AM »
i really like your drawings!
sad thing about them, once you upgrade your hideout, or get a new babe, the old ones simply dissapear.
which is in my opinion just sad (especially the babes ^^)

so, how about a picture gallery, where you can look at the progress you made with your hideouts, and look at your "lost" babes?
look at all the enemies you have beaten already (villains and their minions)

for the babarian looks, i would say make it look like and old leather book.
"diary" sounds to girlish, but im sure you get the idea ;)

best wishes from germany

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