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Guild raids
« on: November 21, 2013, 10:58:31 PM »
I don’t know if the game is still being work on, but I have a proposal.
To make things some more fun and challenging, do something like guild raids.

It would work something like that:

- One (maybe 2) daily raid for a guild (something like she stranger in the tavern).
- Only one lair with selection of the lvl (higher lvl better prize); or multi lairs with different prizes (gold, rubies, items, potions…).
- Guild Master or a high member could set it up. Members would have about 8 hours to join the raid, and after the 8 hour the raid would be automatically done.
- The prizes could be random or be it a system like in the tavern. And everyone would get an item same as he’s lvl or in +/- 2 lvl from he's current lvl. 
- The person with decisive blow, would have the highest % for a very good drop. 

Fight system:
Mode 1.
- Everyone strikes, then the mob targets one at random. Next round the same, till it’s slain or all barbarians killed.
Mode 2.
- Combine the stats of ppl, in raid all and divide it in half or by the size of the raid.   

 The mob of course would be tough and a hard hitter, that’s why the lair should have a choose able lvl.


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Re: Guild raids
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2013, 11:23:37 PM »
I like the idea. There should be some Clan vs Clan and a Clan vs Dungeon system.

Here is what my layout of the thought should be.

[Clan vs Clan System]

Clan Ranking system (How many wins, loses, and ties.)
Clan Win System (Gold and Rubies should be randomly deposited into the clan's bank.)
Clan Lose System (RANDOMLY one part of the clan's house should be automatically downgraded by one level from it's currently level. Whether it being Fortification, Armory, Treasury, or Arena it should all be random.)
Clan Search System (Automatically sets your clan against another similar clan to do battle with. This will eliminate all the Higher ranked guilds from fighting lower guilds. Aka: No level 10 clans fighting level 1 clans.)

[Clan vs Dungeon system]

The dungeon boss should be extremely hard with a high Defense and Health, but not an insane damage output. If you die in the battle you have to wait 5 minutes before you can attack again. The dungeon should be open for at least an hour to give the clan members a chance to kill the dungeon boss. Also, I think the dungeon boss shouldn't have a level; just a random high Defense and Health.

If your clan wins:

Top damage contributor should get rubies + random item.
Second highest damage contributor should get few rubies + a decent mount.
Third highest damage contributor should get a random item and some gold.
Rest of the clan that was active during the raid should get a small decent amount of gold multiplied by their level. (IE: 435 gold * Level 5 = 2,175 gold.)

If your clan loses:

Well, let's be honest, you don't get anything or we can spice it up some. If your clan loses, then everybody that participated in the raid will get a debuff that decreases your overall stats. :)

I think I had some good ideas to backup this topic. Anybody agree or disagree? o_O

Side note: How to get your overall level? Easy, just add Fortification, Armory, Treasury, and Arena together and divide by four. I will give two examples.

Example 1: 10+6+2+6=24 24/4=6    Overall Clan Level is 6!

Example 2: 3+9+10+7=19 19/4=4.75   Overall Clan level is 4!
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