Author Topic: Get the most out of your game: a daily guide  (Read 2056 times)


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Get the most out of your game: a daily guide
« on: April 27, 2013, 07:38:39 PM »
I have played for just under 200 days now and have advanced myself to level 70, no. 21 in the rankings.

This was done by doing the same things DAILY with minor variation. If I had learned most of what I am doing now in the beginning, I would be even more powerful.


1) Visit the mysterious stranger, perform the Gold quest.

2) Adventure your maximum amount at the Echo Caves (more gold less experience)

3) Gamble enough each day to keep a daily stash of rubies. These are used for extra adventures, rage for boss fights, and the weekly mount. DO NOT use them to buy equipment (other than potions) or to refresh the Blacksmith or Shaman purchase choices.

4) Work the remaining hours to achieve more gold.

5) Use your remaining gold to increase your skills (Might, Charisma, Toughness, Agility in that order of importance)


I mentioned rubies in the daily list. The easiest way to acquire them is by gambling. Few will come from the adventuring. You will also get them from defeating a Boss Monster.

If you keep a level of 8-10 a day, you can buy the most efficient drink (the jug) twice a day for 10 more adventures. You should also gamble enough at the end of your "week" to keep the Dragon Mount (30 rubies), the most efficient way to gain more faster adventures (5 bonus adventures) that only take 3 minutes apiece. This also speeds up the quest to 6 minutes.

Only Rage to beat a monster. Your peers should be easy enough to beat if  you look for the right ones. (hint: check the rankings rather than wait for a weak one to show up in the arena)


I have yet to puzzle out how the game generates an item "for your level." Many times I have checked the Blacksmith to find an item available that is weaker than one that I already have, but requiring a level above my own.

The best way to get better equipment is to beat monsters or (even easier) to gamble. The gambling option spits out items regularly. The usefulness of these items varies. I sell the ones that I cannot use, replacing my older items with better pieces as I get them. I never buy better gear from the Blacksmith or Shaman anymore because I don't want to spend gold and rubies on the overpriced stuff.


I only buy potions that increase Might, Charisma or all (potions of the Gods), rarely toughness or agility, Never Luck or Crit.
Luck maxes out at 25% and Crit at 30%, so these Buffs are pointless.

Save your potions for the monsters you have the most trouble with, only attack other barbarians while they are up if you need to increase your "kills"

PVP Arena combat:

Kind of nice to a) test yourself against others of your level or so, or b) to unlock achievements. The random ones that the game pits you against are nice, but to get the achievements, you need to pick your targets.

Use the rankings pages to pick and view peers on the pages near your own. Look for skill levels that are below your own before attacking. Keep going back to that "target" by finding them in your messages and attacking repeatedly 9over time) until you achieve your goal.

Other Features:

"Babes" are necessary to the success of your barbarian. They provide a first strike on your opponent that isn't reduced by armor, and a bonus to health. Get a new one first thing every time you advance 5 levels. (start, 5, 10, 15, etc...). It is a must have.

Get/renew the Dragon mount every week. It speeds up the adventures and quests, and gives you the most bonus adventures for the value.

Improve your hideout to max (level 10) as soon as possible. It reduces the amount of gold lost in a fight (meh) but it holds the most peasants. The peasants give you free gold every hour that scales as you increase in level. If you do this early enough, you will recoup the cost sooner. You get the rubies from your insatiable gambling habit (see above). There is a max of ten of these little workers.

Your guild is a permanent booster. A powerful guild gives you bonuses to your health, damage caused, experience, gold gained, and a better treasure chance. Kick in enough to help max them out and the whole guild is better off.

Quick note on skills.

Might is key to damaging your target. More might equals more damage, and shorter fights.

Charisma helps greatly. The first shot vs an opponent by your babe helps weaken the target.

Toughness shouldn't be forgotten, but it isn't a focus (outside of the achievements). Many of the monsters do ridiculous damage with a crit (or even a regular hit) so having a huge health bar won't help if you can't hurt your target.

Agility is the "dump" skill. Keep enough in it to keep the dodge/crit at 30% each level. I don't believe it helps to have it higher.


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Re: Get the most out of your game: a daily guide
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2013, 09:24:32 AM »
Not a bad guide, I do it a little differently:

- I only do adventures in Dragon Gorge. While you don't get that much gold directly, you get items quite often (sometimes even legendaries) which you can sell for additional gold which then results in more gambling.

- I only do the item quest. It doesn't give me gold, but it gives me items which are either an upgrade (rarely), legendary (even more rarely) or give a good amount of gold as well.

- For gambling: Whenever I have enough money, I gamble until I have no more money or until I have about 10times the amount of gold it would take to gamble (e.g. if gambling costs 4000 gold, I gamble until I have 40000 gold). When I reach that threshold, I invest the money in skills.
This ensures me a steady ruby income as well as constant skill upgrades.

- So far I haven't invested a single ruby in rage or in being able to start a fight sooner. Investing the ruby in guild updates or buying peasants or upgrading the hideout is a lot more efficient in my opinion. However, once all of this is maxed out, I guess the only purpose for excess rubies is (pretty much in that order):
a.) raging
b.) skipping the wait period for fights
c.) loading additional items at the shaman's until you get a good potion.

- For potions, I would also add the Flask of Life which costs some rubies but lasts for a week and boosts HP by 25%

- Also I see Toughness and Charisma as equal skills. Both actually affect the HP difference between you and your opponent. Toughness in addition affects your armor, so in my opinion both skills are second only to Might.
Agility: Needless after you have crit/dodge at 30%